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Get the most out of your Radio Guild membership that include extended features and services that expand your communications and industry networking.

Premium Membership

This is the premium membership package for Individuals. Look what it includes:


* Access to own profile page

* Full access to Radio Guild site

* Full access to Resource Center

* Full networking access with industry professionals

* Access to Radio Guild forms templates

* You get listed on Micmill Search Engine

* You are added to our radio station database.

* Use of Radio Guild Emblem on your site

*Feature your gig/station Ads on homepage!

* Use all Radio Guild's resources and tools

* Includes membership to

* Includes membership to

* Huge discounts on radio tags and DJ drops

* Huge discounts on radio streaming and web hosting

* Professional Web design templates

* and much MUCH more!


Individual Annual Membership
$49. (billed annually)



Individual Standard Membership

Individual Membership

- For DJs, Youtubers and Podcasters only

- Standard account

- Individual profile

- Access to most groups and forums

- Access to images and more