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Corey D is an award-winning song-writer, remixer, producer and DJ. In his 20+ year professional career, he has produced music for radio, television and feature film. He was simultaneously the Program Director for 2 radio stations until early 2019 and contnures to produce weekly radio shows for 5 stations across the United States, while holding residencies 5 nights per week and spinnig special events throughout the country.

In recent years he's had several top 10 and top 25 Billboard® remixes and received the award for “Best Dance/Electronica Song” for “Does Your Mamma Know (You're A Freak)” which he co-wrote and executively produced for Dance Diva, Pepper MaShay.

He has produced & remixed for some of the biggest names in dance music, including Right Said Fred (I'm Too Sexy, Don't Make Me Laugh), Martha Wash (It’s Raining Men, Carry On), Pepper MaShay (Dive In The Pool, I Got My Pride, Lost Yo Mind), Shara Strand (I Will Carry You), amberRose Marie (Destiny, Wanna Be A DJ), Raquela (Summertime, Tell It To My Heart). Through it all, Corey D says he’s most comfortable in the booth, spinning for a crowded dance floor.

Corey D does it again with this amazing remix of Flowers by Miley Cyrus with intro, outro and break for mixing

Official Video for “Flowers (Corey D Original Club Remix)” by Miley Cyrus

118.0 BPM 5min. 58sec.

(0'00" - 1'03") 32/32/32/32 Intro

(03'15") 16 Break

(03'48") 32 Break

(04'53" - 05'58" ) 32/32/32/32/32 Outro

Corey D give VULGAR the proper club treatment with intro, outro and break perfect for mixing.

126 BPM 5min. 16sec.

(0'0'' - 1'01'') 32/32/32/32 Intro

(2'11'') 32/32 Break

(4'09' - 5'10'') 32/32/32/32 Outro

Mind You're Business gets the Corey D Club treatment - the original track gets boosted with an Intro, Outro and Break perfect for mixing.

130 BPM 5min. 43sec.

(0'00'' - 0'59'') 32/32/32/32 Intro

(2'28' - 2'57") 32/32 Outro

(4'41' - 5'49"') 32/32/32/32 Outro

Corey D gives Padam Padam a proper club treatment, complete with intro, break and outro perfect for mixing.

128 BPM 5min. 30sec.

(0'0'' - 1'00'') 32/32/32/32 Intro

(2'04'') 32 Break

(4'26' - 5'26'') 32/32/32/32 Outro

Corey D's Original Club Mix in an extended version of the original with intro, outro and break for mixing.

125BPM 6min. 14sec.

(0'0''- 1'02'') 32/32/32/32 Intro

(2'34'') 32 Break

(5'08'') 32/32/32/32 Outro

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