2024 Radio Guild Awards
Welcome to the 2024 Radio Guild Awards

Consideration for Nominations Voting Closed

The 2024 Radio Guild Awards is about recognizing some of the best audio professionals in our industry. These awards are nominated by the public and Radio Guild members then finalists are reviewed by audio industry pros and Radio Guild members and voted by audio industry pros and Radio Guild Members.

Categories include:

Best Radio Streaming Service

Best Radio/Music App

Best Terrestrial Radio Station

Best Online Radio Station

Best National Industry Podcast

Best National Radio Show

Best Web Hosting Service

Best Industry Publication

Best Air Personality

Best National Radio DJ

Best Hobby Small Radio Station

Nomination consideration submissions are now being accepted. Nominees should be based on national availability. Meaning shows, individuals and services that are accessed nationally.

You can submit one nomination consideration per topic. You can submit from as little as one topic and up to all topics.

The final five nominations (in each topic) will then be put on an official nominee ballot then voted on by audio industry professionals and Radio Guild membership.

Deadline for nominee consideration submission is March 1, 2024


Nominee consideration voting closed

Nomination Consideration voting now closed.

The Process and Terms
All participants understand that "Nominee Consideration" votes are for consideration only and not an official nominee. "Nominee Considerations must use the "Nominee Consideration" emblems only and cannot claim "Official Nominee" or "Nominee".

Official nominee selections will be based on an algorithm of a combination of public vote submission total, industry votes and Radio Guild member vote submissions. From those results; Radio Guild staff will review the top ten's websites, social profiles, professional history, reviews and other online information. They will select the top five. The top five in each category will be official nominees for 2024. 

Those top five in each category will be voted on by audio industry professionals and Radio Guild Members only, for official "Best of" awards. Each of the top five finalists will need to have a website and web links that highlights their talent for industry professionals and Radio Guild members to review for voting. This will be a 30-day voting process to give voters time to review and select their choice. The deadline for this process will be April 10, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST.

Official nominees are allowed to advertise, promote and market themselves as "Official Nominee" and request votes from industry professionals and Radio Guild members. It's basically like campaigning. This is to allow nominees to introduce themselves and promote their work to audio industry professionals and Radio Guild members who may not know them.

For 'audio industry professionals' (non Radio Guild members) voters, the official ballot will have a space requesting what industry you're in and a link for verification. Audio industry professionals are considered, but not limited to; broadcasters, audio engineers, DJs, radio station owners/staff, air personalities, podcasters, recording artists, recording studio owners/staff, voiceover artists, producers/promoters, etc.

Winners will be posted on the Radio Guild website for the entire year of that particular voting season.

The winners will be based on the most votes from Radio Guild members in each categories. If there is a tie in any category, there will be a runoff vote for Radio Guild members to vote on that will last two weeks.

This is a digital/virtual award. There is no on-location awards event, dinner, trophies, certificates or prizes. This is an industry online award that includes an official Radio Guild verifiable digital certificate, digital emblems and online promo material that winners can use for social media, websites, printing material, advertising and material. It includes an authentic digital verification process that winner's customers, clients or employers can use to confirm the award status.

Included in the winning awards status is a national press release blast that includes the background of the awards program, about Radio Guild and all the winner's names and categories.

Anyone participating in this awards program understands and agrees that all results are final. Since there is no physical award or dollar amount awarded, there is no monetary value to this awards program and as such no participant, voter, nominee or anyone involved in the awards program can claim a loss for any reason. This includes loss of money, time or value.

Any other questions about Radio Guild Awards, you can contact us with your questions.